About Particles Analytics

Particles Analytics is able to evaluate the information in the web server‘s log file. Built-in wizards help to configure the software for website and thus ensure, that reports can be examined within a few minutes.

In the era of SaaS and cloud services Particles Analytics fills the gap for all enterprises which want to keep their web analytics data in-house. This self-contained solution is delivered as a virtual appliance and be run on your own server in your own network environment which means data privacy compliance.

Particles Analytics analyzes traffic for one or more websites and provides accurate and easy-to-understand reports on your visitors - where they come from, how they use your site, what converts them into customers, and much more. Particles Analytics is essential for executives, marketers, webmasters, and web designers.

Using Particles Analytics is easy. The reporting interface is intuitive and extremely powerful. Change date ranges or add additional columns and the graphs update instantly. Need to send a report to your colleagues or to the upper management? No problem – simply export the report containing all graphs and data to a PDF file and send it by e-mail.

Since Particles Analytics will only be delivered as a Virtual Appliance installation and configuration can be done quickly and easily.

Most Accurate Web Analytics Results

Have confidence in your data. Particles Analytics is one of the most accurate web analytics product on the market today. How is that? By using both log files and cookie information. Particles Analytics captures visitor parameters and true path data.

Particles Analytics uses a client-side data collection component that transparently sends additional data back to the server and into the log file. Thereby only first-party cookies are used to overcome the effects of caches, proxies, and IP-recycling to provide the most accurate and complete reporting available from ANY analytics solution. Log-only systems tell half the story. ASP solutions tell the other half. Only Particles Analytics gives you a complete picture of your websites‘ usage.

Easy Setup – Particles Virtual Appliance

Particles is a virtual appliance, which can be rolled out to any VMware vSphere® ESXi - no matter whether it runs on a purchased VMware vSphere® license or on the free VMware vSphere® Hypervisor.

Because the Particles Virtual Appliance comes in VMware’s OVA format, the obvious benefits are:

Operating system independence
Particles Virtual Appliance runs its own operating system, the so-called Appliance OS. This operating system is based on Linux and has been optimized to run Particles as a web analytics solution.

Hardware independence
Not too big, not too small, and always adapted to the developing needs of the enterprise: the Particles Virtual Appliance runs on VMware, so the underlying hardware can be adapted at any time - a scalable solution for any company from entry-level to large-scale enterprise.

Automatic Updates
All new features and updates for Particles Analytics as well as all updates for the appliance OS can be downloaded and installed automatically or manually directly from the Particles repository.

Easy Migration
Since Particles runs on a virtual appliance it can be easily migrated from one physical host to another. Therefore, it’s also possible to run Particles Virtual Appliance on a VMware® HA cluster.

Simple integration anywhere
According to your specifications and requirements, you can integrate your Particles Virtual Appliance quickly anywhere, whether it is in the internal company network, DMZ or datacenter. The Particles Virtual Appliance can be integrated in any network.

Fast roll-out
Because the virtual appliance comes in OVA format as a download delivery, it can be rolled out on any VMware® ESXi Server in a few minutes and can be configured via the integrated web interface subsequently.